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        With electrochemical methods combined with some other biological and chemical techniques, we mainly make researches on the electron transfer and surface characteristics of biomolecules, probing into the mechanism of molecular recognition, the process of signal transduction, biosensor technology, the function of signal molecules, exploring new ways of studying structure and function of proteins, establishing new method and technology of biomolecules assay and developing novel biosensors. All these researches are aimed at realizing real-time, traumato-free assay in vivo as well as their applications in clinic detection and diagnosis.


We are now carrying out the following projects:

  1. Electron transfer, electrochemistry, and surface characteristic of some proteins

  2. Electrochemical studies of the function and structure of some proteins

  3. Nano-biology and nano-medicine, mainly on the interaction between nano-materials and proteins

  4. Molecular recognition, assembly and interaction

  5. Development of novel 3rd generation biosensors

  6. Assay of disease markers with clinical applications





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